Sphaera Chat - Modal Logic & The Axiom of Choice

Marie, MSc in Mathematics & Philosophy, talks about Modal Logic and the Axiom of Choice

Posted on 1 August 2020

Why is the axiom of choice controversial in the eyes of mathematicians ? What are the implications of rejecting it in modal logic ? Marie Ducroizet-Boitaud answers these questions and walks us through some alternatives to the axiom of choice.

The axiom of choice states that for any collection of sets, one can construct a new set containing an element from each set in the original collection. In other words, one can choose an element from each set in the collection. This poses many problems from different angles but there are some choice-free alternatives, such as canonical extensions and possibility semantics.

This week, Marie, who recently obtained her masters in mathematics and philosophy from the University of Oxford, is going to talk to us about modal logic and the axiom of choice.

If you missed the talk and want to catch up on it feel free to:

  • listen to the podcast which includes the Q&A at the end
  • watch the presentation on youtube