Sphaera Chat - Introduction to Reinforcement Learning

Prabhat, BSc in Computer Science talks about Reinforcement Learning

Posted on 18 July 2020

What is Reinforcement Learning ? How has it changed the world around us ? Prabhat Verma gives an overview of the current state of Reinforcement Learning and how far it has come.

Autonomous cars, robotics, computers beating world go champions, etc., examples of reinforcement learning proving its efficacy are everywhere, while not that long ago, it was thought impossible that a machine would even beat a chess champion.

This week, Prabhat, BEng in Computer Systems Engineering from The University of Manchester, gives us an introduction to Reinforcement Learning.

If you missed the talk and want to catch up on it feel free to:

  • listen to the podcast which includes the Q&A at the end
  • watch the presentation on youtube