Sphaera Chat - The Neuroscience of Dreams

Shail, masters student in Biomedical Sciences at UCL talks about the Neuroscience of Dreams

Posted on 4 July 2020

Why do we dream? Shail Bhatt investigates the phenomenon that we all experience.

“They say dreaming is dead, no one does it anymore. It’s not dead it’s just that it’s been forgotten, removed from our language. Nobody teaches it so nobody knows it exists. The dreamer is banished to obscurity. Well, I’m trying to change all that, and I hope you are too. By dreaming, every day. Dreaming with our hands and dreaming with our minds. Our planet is facing the greatest problems it’s ever faced, ever. So whatever you do, don’t be bored, this is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive.” – Waking Life (2001)

This week, Shail, a masters student in Biomedical Sciences, more specifically cell biology at University College London, talks about the Neuroscience of Dreams.

Shail has also written a few articles on the topic available here and here.

If you missed the talk and want to catch up on it feel free to:

  • listen to the podcast which includes the Q&A at the end
  • watch the presentation on youtube